The names of the founding board members


Dr. Hossein Ebrahimipour

PhD in Management of Health Services

Dr. Ali Vafaee Najar

PhD in Management of Health Services

Dr. Ali Taqipour

PhD in Epidemiology

Dr. Noushin Peyman

PhD in health education and health promotion

Dr. Seyedeh Negar As’adi


Dr. Bahareh Imani






Device analysis laboratory

This laboratory consists of three devices, including gas chromatography (GC), atomic absorption (AAs) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Atomic absorption spectrometry

High performance liquid HPLC & GC device

Waste laboratory


The equipment of this unit include:

1-    Flam photometer

2-    pH meter


4-    Sieve shaker

5-    Rotary operator

6-    Thermostat Water Bath, two items

7-    Oven

8-    Electric mills

9-    Magnetic stirrer

Environmental chemistry laboratory

The equipment of this unit include:

1-    Incubator

2-    Electric furnaces

3-    Oven

4-    Jar test

5-    Regular scale

6-    Sensitive scale

7-    Turbidometry

8-    Spectrophotometer

9-    Spectrophotometer (uv-vis)

10-                       Kjeldahl test equipment

11-                       Boiling water bath

12-                       Portable and desktop Turbidimeter


Hydraulic Laboratory:


v Bernoulli device

v Pipes’ pressure drop measurement instrument

v Reynolds devices

v Fluid barometer systems (analog manometer, desk barometers, mobile mercury manometer)

v Viscosity meter

v Hydrometer

v Air pressure measuring device

v Air compressor

v Rectangular overflow

v Triangular overflow

v Water jet machine


Drawing Workshop


  1. Theodolite surveying camera
  2. NIVO surveying camera
  3. ??? surveying camera
  4. Wild surveying camera
  5. THEIS surveying camera
  6. Mechanical and digital planimeter
  7. Aluminum Meyer
  8. Meyer plate, compass set
  9. Inclinometer, compass
  10. Compass, drawing board
  11. ???
  12. Different flats and conveyors
  13. Different rulers and drawing rapids
  14. Ten computer systems


Using the site and laboratory of Dr. Mahmoud Rohani

Including 12 computer systems

Conference table

Data projector

Printer and scanner

Using the library of Health Faculty

Including 2800 volumes of general and specialized Persian and English books


Prayer Times

Today : 2
Yesterday :34
This Week : 60
Last Week : 117
This Month : 386
Last Month : 856
Online :1
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